APPA Board MemberAmerican Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA) is happy to reveal to the public the names of its board members. The team is led by Joshua Pirestani who is the president. Under him are two executive board members: Monika Bartsch and Alpesh Patel. Other board members include Suzette DiMascio, Nicolle McClure, Kim Kersten, Michael Labreque, and Timothy Bruce.

Joshua Pirestani has been in this industry for several years. He is able to adapt quickly to the changing needs within the industry. He is an expert in conceptual, technical and content development of self-driving collateral. He is also an exceptional coach and mentor. Pirestani is adept at improving sales-team performance and driving growth of company revenues.

Monika Bartsch holds an AA degree in Pharmacy Technology, a BS in Business Management, and an MBA in Healthcare Management. She has also completed a certification course as a Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist and holds a Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate. She has collectively acquired more than 30 years of healthcare experience. She has worked in specialty pharmacy, hospital and retail pharmacy, and LTC. Her other professional experience include financial and 340B management, pharmacy management, IV admixture preparation, and extensive purchasing knowledge.

Alpesh Patel holds a bachelors degree in Pharmacy and is currently a licensed pharmacist. He has strong skills in pharmacy purchasing and other business concepts with 14 years of experience behind him. He has gained valuable information about the business of pharmacy as well as in-depth knowledge in pharmacy practice. He is currently working with Bonita Pharmaceuticals and is accountable for development, execution and financial management of the company.

APPA board members are a group of individuals and companies with passion for the pharmacy industry. They include technicians, distributors, pharmacists, independent pharmacy owners, pharmacy buyers, and service providers. The board members promote ethical best practices through communities and APPA activities, as well as industry conferences and webinars. To become a board member, an individual or company must submit an application which must include two client references. The individual or a representative of the company will then be interviewed and if successful, they will be directed to complete the registration process.

About American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance (APPA)

APPA was started in 2014 by Joshua Pirestani who is its current president. He brought together a team of experts in the pharmacy industry that served and are still serving as the driving force behind the mission and vision of the association. APPA is the leading pharmacy association bringing together pharmacists, independent pharmacy owners, group purchasing organizations, pharmacy vendor reps, pharmacy buyers, drug companies from non-profit, private or institutional facilities, drug distributors, and pharmacy technicians involved in purchasing. They have decades of experience in the industry and are therefore able to provide their members with valuable information and excellent services. They aim at bringing together all entities that play a vital role in pharmacy purchasing industry for the common goal of protecting all parties involved, adopting new technologies to improve the industry and increase productivity.