Burt Burch

Bert Burch

Director, Project Management

Bert Burch has over 34 years experience in Information Systems and Project Management including many years in Healthcare Systems. He has developed a proven and highly regarded track record in system deliverables. Bert’s most recent focus has been in hospital information systems with some of the largest hospital chains and projects in the U.S. including CHS. His primary successes have been driving the Project Management and Architectural Design of hospital systems using Cerner, McKesson, and Medhost with many major third-party vendors in the industry.

Working with multiple integration tools and teams, Bert has been responsible for driving some of the most intense integration projects in the country delivering on tight timeframes and with exceptional achievements. Bert’s vast experience across many industries and knowledge of programming languages have enabled him to bring advanced learned technical techniques and success to healthcare. Some of his career highlights include delivering Cerner implementation to over 22 hospitals and acting as Project Manager overseeing 74 hospital Integration departments.

Bert has also produced scientific research on specialized computerized astronomical imaging equipment as well as automation and remote data acquisitions. Bert believes in giving back to the community both in volunteer services and scientific research for the betterment of all.