John Hafl, Senior Vice President, Sales

John Hafl, Senior Vice President, Sales

In this episode, hosting duties belong to at CSI Specialty Group, and Brian Maxin, Sales Manager for CSI Specialty Group. The two sales gurus discuss how continued training contributes to specialty pharmacy success and how a tool like CSI University’s continued online education modules can help foster confidence, resilience and sustainable success for salespeople.

Succeeding in the ever-changing marketplace of specialty pharmacy requires a unique understanding of the environment and the sales strategies and tools needed to thrive within those dynamics. Lack of investment in relevant, ongoing training for new and seasoned sales professionals can be a key factor leading to extended learning curves, higher frustration, reduced effectiveness in the field,  and ultimately, higher turnover.

CSI University, a new online training platform designed specifically for specialty pharmacy sales professionals, went live at this year’s Asembia’s 2017 Specialty Pharmacy Summit. Offered both online and onsite, the program enables sales reps to ramp up their abilities, hit the ground running, and set them up for immediate and long-lasting success and growth.

Sales training not for you? Don’t worry, there are plenty more CSI University courses coming up shortly! Stay tuned to the podcast and for updates as they happen.

Tune in to Discover:

  • The value of onsite and online training programs and how they can benefit sales professionals, sales managers, and companies as a whole
  • How CSI Specialty Group’s online training allows reps at all career stages to grow, evolve and become better at what they do
  • What companies could be doing better to support their sales teams and individual representatives
  • Advantages found within the program’s unique training structure keeping it relevant, ongoing, and continuously improving moving forward

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About John Hafl

John Hafl is a sales, sales management and strategy professional, with more than 18 years of experience. John brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience from within each core area of the specialty biologics and pharmaceutical space. John’s career has provided him with a thorough understanding of the specialty pharmacy, manufacturing and specialty distribution channels allowing him to build highly successful programs for clients across the nation.

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About CSI Specialty Group

CSI Specialty Group is a globally recognized; WBE Certified Leadership Consulting Firm dedicated to providing solutions that continually elevate the specialty pharmacy industry. By providing inventive specialty pharmacy consulting, workforce planning and talent acquisition solutions, CSI uniquely tailors its service offerings to help clients drive sustainable, accelerated growth. As the provider of the industry’s first, dedicated podcast for specialty pharmacy, CSI is at the forefront of pioneering innovative concepts to meet the changing needs of specialty pharmacy, home infusion, mail order/PBM, health systems and pharma/biotech clients across the USA and throughout Europe.