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Gordon Vanscoy

Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, Chairman and CEO of PANTHERx

In this episode, Dr. Gordon Vanscoy, Chairman and CEO of PANTHERx, joins host Suzette DiMascio, CHE, CMCE, CPC, for an in-depth discussion on the vision, strategies and values making PANTHERx one of the leading rare and orphan disease specialty pharmacies in the United States.

Tune in to Discover:

  • How PANTHERx and specialty pharmacy are transforming care where there was no hope before – especially for rare diseases
  • What PANTHERx is doing to put the “specialty” back into specialty pharmacy and transform patients lives through focused, white-glove individual care
  • The critical importance of individualized patient care when dealing with orphan and rare disease
  • Indispensable advice for anyone interested in entering the specialty pharmacy realm, and the myths and realities about operating in specialty
  • How data management integration is critical to meet demands of the manufacturer

About Gordon Vanscoy

With more than three decades of executive experience creating and developing successful medical and pharmaceutical service business ventures, Dr. Vanscoy is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry and a pioneer in the specialty pharmacy sector.

Gordon also serves as Managing Partner of Relentless Capital and as the Associate Dean for Business Innovation and Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics at the University of Pittsburgh, where he recently launched the Master of Science in Pharmacy Business Administration degree program.

Prior to founding PANTHERx, Dr. Vanscoy served as the Chairman and CEO of WellCo Medical Solutions Inc., GreenCare US, LLC, and University Pharmacotherapy Associates Inc. Earlier in his career, while serving as Assistant Dean for Managed Care at Pitt, Gordon helped to grow one of the country’s first specialty pharmacy’s, Stadtlanders.


Recognized as a national leader in specialty pharmacy for rare and devastating conditions, PANTHERx is a dually accredited specialty pharmacy nominated by INC Magazine as 2016’s #1 fastest growing healthcare company, and by Modern Healthcare as one of 2016’s top 10 best places to work in the nation. In addition, PANTHERx Specialty Pharmacy was recently ranked #1 in the Zitter Health Insights Patient Satisfaction Survey, receiving the highest score ever attained on the survey.

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PANTHERx is a finalist for the Patient Choice Award at Asembia in May.

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