John Hafl, Senior Vice President, Sales

John Hafl, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Training

In this episode, CSI Specialty Group’s John Hafl, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Training, discusses why specialty pharmacy sales departments are so important to your company’s success and the 3 most important steps your pharmacy can take to help the sales team drive growth in 2018.

Tune in to Discover:

  • The importance of learning from the past and using trends, data and events to plan for the future
  • How training and development of the right people can create differentiators to propel your sales team to the next level and drive your company’s sustainable success
  • Ways to develop a business plan specific to a certain territory and how to make people accountable

About John Hafl

John Hafl is the Sr. Vice President of Sales & Training, at CSI Specialty Group with over 18 years of experience. John brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience from within each core area of the specialty biologics and pharmaceutical space. John’s career has provided him with a thorough understanding of the Specialty Pharmacy, Manufacturing and Specialty Distribution channels. This knowledge provides John the ability to build highly successful programs.

John has held leadership positions such as National Director of Sales at Coram Healthcare, Director of National Accounts at BDI Pharma, National Accounts Manager and Manager of Training and Development at Talecris Biotherapeutics. John has also held sales and/or management positions at J&J, Bayer Biologicals, and Kedrion Biopharma.

Prior to joining CSI, John had launched multiple new market entry products and has also played a vital role consulting to launch specialty pharmacy programs across the country.

About CSI Specialty Group

CSI Specialty Group is a globally recognized; WBE Certified Leadership Consulting Firm dedicated to providing solutions that continually elevate the specialty pharmacy industry. By providing inventive specialty pharmacy consulting, workforce planning and talent acquisition solutions, CSI uniquely tailors its service offerings to help clients drive sustainable, accelerated growth. As the provider of the industry’s first, dedicated podcast for specialty pharmacy, CSI is at the forefront of pioneering innovative concepts to meet the changing needs of specialty pharmacy, home infusion, mail order/PBM, health systems and pharma/biotech clients across the USA and throughout Europe.

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