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In this timely episode, host of the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast, CSI Specialty Group President and CEO Suzette DiMascio, CHE, CMCE, CPC, shares the can’t-miss 2019 specialty pharmacy conferences coming up just around the corner.

If you want to know what specialty pharmacy stakeholders are looking for and how to get the most out of your next conference, this is the episode for you!

Tune in to Discover:

  • A break down of the most impactful must-attend upcoming conferences
  • Why the World Orphan is the place to be for rare and orphan disease
  • A preview of the 2019 Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit

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Transcript Notes:

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast. Your prescription for specialty pharmacy success. Now, here’s your host, globally recognized industry leader and CEO of CSI Specialty Group, Suzette DiMascio.

Suzette: Hi. This is Suzette DiMascio with the CSI Specialty Group Podcast. Hope everyone is enjoying the first quarter of 2019. Certainly has been a very active quarter this with a lot of changes in healthcare, as normal, but I thought I would do something a little bit different today and put a spin on the very active next quarter we have coming up with all of the conferences that are going to be taking place. I wanted to just spend a couple minutes and talk about some conferences that you may want to attend that are coming up and the reasons for it.

Suzette: Clearly, if you’re hearing this on Wednesday, you have already missed Becker’s Health Systems Conference. It’s taking place in Chicago. I am actually going to be attending for the very first time, and I’ve been very impressed with some of the work that Becker’s has been doing in the pharmacy arena, and, clearly, they’re definitely a predominant leader in conferences and education for different healthy systems across the United States. Stay tuned. I’ll tell you a little bit more about that after I come back.

Suzette: Next week, starting on the 8th of April, is the American Hospital Association Conference that’s taking place in D.C. That also promises to be a very action-packed conference as we’re talking a lot about things that are going on with 340B, we’ve got some changes happening with [Gottlieb] leading the FDA. There’s a lot of interesting things happening in D.C., not to mention the politics.

Suzette: The other conference that will be taking place the week of April 8th is the World Orphan & Rare Disease Conference. It’s going to be in the National Harbor at the Gaylord, and that should be a very good conference, as well. It’s very well attended. If you have any interest in rare and orphan diseases, this is the place to go. It’s going to be starting on April 10th through April 12th. Again, that’s going to be taking place in the National Harbor at the World Orphan & Rare Disease Congress.

Suzette: The following week, gosh, I don’t think there’s anything. I think that’s a little bit of a break, the week of the 15th after the week before Easter or Easter week, I should say. Then, of course, the Prom of the Specialty Pharmacy Industry will be taking place, and that is Asembia. This year, Asembia is changing up their format just a little bit. Had an opportunity to speak with Chris Benz, and the sessions are going to be a little bit shorter so that it fits in a lot more content, and I’m also excited to be participating in the first Women’s Leadership Session that’s going to be taking place on Monday. Please, if there’s any of my fellow listener, women leaders in healthcare listening, please be sure to attend. We’re excited about that. We’ve got some wonderful speakers coming in from [Accenture] and also a speaker that has started a pretty interesting social media revolution for moms that are pharmacists, so looking forward to seeing each and every one then.

Suzette: When we go into May, May is going to be a pretty jam=packed month, as well. We’ve got the HCP Conference that is taking place in Miami, and that’s another health system conference. We then have the week of the 13th for an Elevate Conference that is from Intalere GPO. I also believe some of the other GPOs are starting to have some of their member meetings, as well. Then, when we get into June, as I’m taking you through to the end of the quarter, we’ve got BIO International that’s going to be hitting the scene on June 3rd, and that’s going to be in Philly this year. BIO actually brings a lot across the country, as well as the universe, actually, the world, as does the World Orphan Congress, but it tends to be a little bit more on the branded and generic side versus the specialty molecules, but I’ve seen it do both, so that may be an interesting one.

Suzette: HMA has their conference coming up, as well, in June. It looks like ASHP is going to be having their very first multifaceted conference with a track for specialty pharmacy. That’s going to be held at the Hilton Back Bay in my favorite town of where I was born, Boston, Massachusetts. That’s going to be June 8th through the 12th. Then, CBI has got a Rare Disease & Innovation Summit coming up the 12th and the 13th, also in Boston. Needless to say, I will be in Boston for, gosh, a good latter part of a week enjoying these great conferences. That pretty much sums it up through June. In July, you’ve got a little bit of a slow time. We’ve got a 340B Conference coming up in the summer that’s July 15th and 16th in D.C. There is a World Congress that is going to be happening the 22nd through 24th of July in Philadelphia. That’s pretty much winding up most of our summer.

Suzette: When we get back into August and September, CDI’s got some great conferences coming up, as well as, of course, the NASP Conference this year, which is going to be a couple weeks earlier on September 9th through 11th, and that will be held again in D.C. at the Wardman.

Suzette: Lot of good stuff happening. Just thought I’d take a couple minutes and give you an update on some of the conferences that I think are the must attends if you’re in this industry. Of course, myself and/or several of our CSI team members should be present at most of these conferences, so we’d always love the opportunity to meet with you. I will be reporting in the next podcast a little bit more about what I hear from the Becker’s Conference. As I said, first time I’ve gone to this, very well attended from what I understand. It’s like a mini [inaudible 00:06:27], so I am looking forward to seeing people there that haven’t caught up with in a while, meeting some new faces and hopefully some of our listeners, and, as always, look forward to learning a little bit more about each and every one of our listeners.

Suzette: If there’s any topics that you’d like to discuss in future episodes, this is a short and quick one just to keep you up-to-date on some conferences happening, but if there’s a topic that you’re interested in, please don’t ever hesitate to let us know. Thanks, and take some great care of your patients this woke and next week, and until we meet again, this is Suzette DiMascio of the CSI Specialty Group Podcast. Thank you.

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