CSI Specialty Pharmacy PodcastThe NASP Annual Meeting is the most effective way to stay abreast of the rapid developments across the specialty pharmacy landscape. And if you missed it, here’s the take from two industry leaders.

This week, join Andrew Maddigan, Vice President, Client Engagement and Tricia Twaranovica, MS, RN, OCN, Regional Vice President at CSI Specialty Group, as they break down the latest developments in specialty pharmacy, including insights from senior executives, pharmacy directors, and other management-level personnel from across the specialty pharmacy spectrum.

Tune in to Discover:

  • Key takeaways, highlights and trends from this year’s NASP conference
  • An update on the ongoing challenges facing specialty pharmacies
  • How former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason is leading the charge against cystic fibrosis
  • A recap of the CSI-sponsored Women in Specialty Pharmacy Luncheon

About Tricia Twaranovica, MS, RN, OCN®

Tricia Twaranovica is a registered nurse professional with 20+ years of clinical experience in oncology, pharma, healthcare and specialty pharmacy.

Tricia received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Illinois and Master of Science in Health Services Administration from the University of St. Francis. She is a certified oncology nurse (OCN®). As a clinical leader, Tricia was a key individual in the specialty pharmacy start-up of Aetna Specialty Pharmacy and Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy. Tricia was one of the first consultants at CSI. Tricia has worked in pharma launching Kisqali® with Novartis and most recently in access and reimbursement with Cimzia® at UCB Pharma.

Tricia has extensive expertise within specialty pharmacy and pharma arena having worked at UCB Pharma, Novartis, Prime Therapeutics Specialty Pharmacy, Priority Healthcare Corporation, Aetna Specialty Pharmacy, CuraScript Specialty Pharmacy, Florida Hospital, Orlando Health and US Oncology.

About Andrew Maddigan

During the past 30 years, Andrew Maddigan has directed business strategy and marketing functions in a wide range of venues, including health care, education, aerospace, and energy. His previous roles have included VP of marketing for the nation’s largest not-for-profit hospice agency, VP of sales and marketing for a national specialty and long-term care pharmacy and communications director at a large urban school district.
Andrew also led marketing and strategic communications efforts for an international health care accreditation agency, serving as the organization’s liaison to the United Nations Development Program. He currently serves as VP of client engagement at CSI Specialty Group.

Transcript Notes:

Speaker 1: Welcome to the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast, your prescription for specialty pharmacy success.

Andy M.: Hello, and welcome to the Specialty Pharmacy Podcast. I’m Andy Maddigan, the Vice President of Client Relations for CSI Specialty Group, and I’m with [Tricia Twaranovica 00:00:16], who is the Regional Vice President for CSI Specialty Group. Welcome Tricia.

Tricia T.: Thank you. It’s great to be back, it’s a good time to be at CSI.

Andy M.: So we’re going to be talking primarily about your visit at NASP last week, but for those of the listeners that we’re aware, Tricia was previously with CSI for a number of years, left for a couple of years, and now has recently rejoined us. So again, welcome back. And can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to in the time that you we’re gone and kind of also a little bit about your background for those listeners who might be hearing for the first time?

Tricia T.: Absolutely. So I joined CSI back in 2013 and was a consultant up through 2017 when I left. So prior to that I worked at a number of the specialty pharmacies here in the Orlando area, most recently at Prime Therapeutics where I was one of their first employees to start at the pharmacy where I was in charge of the nurses at the pharmacy. And then prior to that I worked at Priority Healthcare and the specialty pharmacy, CuraScript and they were all acquired by Express Scripts, which I believe is now owned by Cigna.

Tricia T.: Most recently I have been working in the pharmaceutical world. I worked for IQVIA on a contract with Novartis where I was a clinical educator. I was going out providing education for our new drugs, was involved with the new drug launch, which was pretty exciting. And then was also involved with another product on the market with UCB Pharma where I was involved with pulling the prescriptions through. So getting the patients approved on therapy and get claims paid, so that was kind of fun too.

Andy M.: Okay Tricia, so one of your first assignments out of the gate as it were in returning to CSI was the NASP Annual Meeting and Expo, which just occurred a this past week in D.C. So you had been before hadn’t you, to NASP?

Tricia T.: I had, I’d been about three years ago and this was my first conference coming back to CSI, and I have to tell you, they put on a really good show this year and it’s always such a great opportunity to connect with colleagues and former colleagues and future prospects and whatever the case may be and see people that you haven’t seen since other conferences, but this particular year I think that they’ve really, the amount of attendees and just the sessions and whatnot, they did a great job of it. And I anticipate that we’ll be going in the future as well because it is a good conference and it’s really at the right time of year and it’s a good time to connect with everybody.

Andy M.: Absolutely. No, I couldn’t agree more, I was there last year and two years prior to that. So I think I was probably there when you were there. My experience has been that has been growing each year the past few years and as you said, for the reasons you stated I think it is a very worthwhile event. So tell me about some of the highlights there. What was going on this year? What are people talking about? What are some of the events that occurred?

Tricia T.: So to begin, we started off with opening ceremonies and that was great because then we got to hear about the Specialty Pharmacy of the Year and as you know, that was Fairview Specialty Pharmacy and it was so key to hear that they won this award because Fairview was one of the first hospital system specialty pharmacies and they’ve done well, they’ve done really well.

Tricia T.: Their [inaudible] accepted the award, Kyle Skiermont. We’ve had calls with him in the past, I’ve met with him in the past, wonderful team that they have up there. So it was really great to see an organization such as Fairview win that award. The other award went to one of your former colleagues [Tim Fackley 00:04:06]. Yes, and [crosstalk 00:04:09].

Andy M.: My good friend Tim.

Tricia T.: Yeah, and he’s been in the industry a long time, so that was great to see somebody from something other than a pharmacy win the award, like an accrediting body. Because you guys, when you worked in that realm, they’re so integral to the success of pharmacies and they play such a big part. So it was really great to see Tim win that award.

Andy M.: It certainly was, great guy too and well-known in the industry. So what was some of the word on the street? What were some of the themes? What were some of the concerns? I know you’ve had a chance to talk to a lot of folks, rekindle some relationships and independent pharmacies and health systems. What are some of the things that they’re dealing with?

Tricia T.: Well, obviously one of the key sessions at the conference was the one on the pipeline. Of course, there’s so many drugs that are coming to fruition that are being launched and whatnot and it’s always the same struggles that these pharmacies face, it’s the reimbursement, it’s regulation, it’s pricing, it’s all those things combined and then dealing with trying to get the drug, so this great drug’s on the market, but then you’ve got to get the drug approved and paid for. So these pharmacies are struggling with these great drugs that come to market, but the PBMs may take their time on getting this approved or maybe they have a routine, we don’t look at new drugs until January of the following year. So still the same pain points that people are having in regards to that. And I hope that with further work in this area, they continue to improve.

Andy M.: Oh that’s great. Now, were there sessions that you attended that we’re particularly noteworthy, that kind of left an impression on you?

Tricia T.: Yeah, absolutely. So there were two sessions in particular that stick out. And the first one was with Boomer Esiason and as you know, he’s a former NFL player that has a son that’s been affected by a chronic illness, it’s Cystic Fibrosis. So hearing him speak into the fight for his son and not only his son, but for other people, other patients and getting the medications they need to live a long life. Cystic Fibrosis, it’s constant medication and keeping up with it and so to hear his story and his passion was great. And as a nurse it just reinforced that we’re doing good things.

Tricia T.: And then I think the other thing that I went to was a event that we had sponsored actually for the women in specialty pharmacy and it was a luncheon put on Wednesday, and it was with Allison Massari, and her message really hit home. In that she spoke about kindness and she was a person that had been in a horrific car fire and she looked at the kindness that the people had offered, the care that she received and just really looked at the kindness and talked really about how we have to be kind to one another and how we can change things by being kind. And I have a child and my husband and I are constantly instilling in him how over anything always be kind. And that really resonated with me with her and her message because it is so true, we have to be kind. It’s a very competitive industry and whatnot, but we still at the end of the day we have to be kind.

Andy M.: So we just wanted to visit here briefly, get a couple of your thoughts on the NASP conference again and I just wanted to thank you very much Tricia, it’s been really nice to visit with you. I look forward working on some more of these and really talking about some other ideas we have for bringing the podcast through the next couple of months or so. Some topics I think that are going to be very useful, especially for our audience so stay tuned for that. And to our audience, I want to thank you for tuning in. I hope you found this useful and keep an eye out for our next podcast, which is going to be consisting of a discussion of the results of the 2019 State of Specialty Pharmacies report, which CSI has been producing now, this is the third year and was recently released and I think there’s some really telling information there that we’re anxious to discuss and get some feedback on. So thanks again to all of you who are working out in the field, helping improve the lives of your patients and we’ll be talking with you real soon.

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