Specialty Pharmacy ContinuumIf there were ever a US consulting firm who broke the mold, it would be CSI Group. Recognized as a global leader in strategic planning, implementation, and management, CSI Group’s fundamental role in transforming the landscape of specialty pharmacy was recently featured in Specialty Pharmacy Continuum, one of the nation’s premier specialty magazines.

The full-length feature highlighted how CSI Group backstopped two well-known specialty pharmacy powerhouses to manage and grow their specialty pharmacy offerings from the ground up.

First up was QOL Medical LLC. CSI was so successful at helping the company develop and launch its internal patient-care hub to support the launch of a new rare orphan drug, that QOL Vice-President Mark Erwin decided to join CSI as a consultant after his tenure at the company.

When Italy-based manufacturer Kedrion required the talent, skills, and resources to launch them into the US market, CSI was able to handle all of their marketing, sales, and finance staffing needs. Within two years, Kedrion had reached $300 million in US sales.

CSI President and CEO Suzette DiMascio, CHE, CMCE, CPC, beams with pride as she takes stock of CSI Group’s success. “We are so proud to have helped clients of all sizes, from all areas of the specialty business, do everything from building out specialty pharmacy services to launching new drugs,” says Ms. DiMascio.

“When speed is paramount, and there is significant growth potential on the table, choosing a great consultant can mean the difference between incredible success or disappointing failure.”