This episode is part of our Expert Interview Series. In each episode of this series, we’ll interview industry professionals for their perspective on the evolving specialty pharmacy market.

Mark Erwin, Vice President of Commercial Operations for QOL Medical

Mark Erwin, Vice President of Commercial Operations for QOL Medical

In this episode, Mark Erwin, Vice President of Commercial Operations for QOL Medical, joins host Suzette DiMascio, CHE, CMCE, CPC, for an in-depth discussion on how hub solutions can help propel specialty pharmacy manufacturers to success.

Mark Erwin brings over 25 years of healthcare product commercialization experience to QOL Medical. Mr. Erwin began his career in retail and hospital sales with Eli Lilly and Company, and held positions of escalating responsibility culminating in his role as Product Manager.

Most recently, he served as Senior Director of Reimbursement and Government Affairs at Prometheus Laboratories Inc. in San Diego. As a veteran of San Diego biotechnology, his roles have included Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for Adventrx Pharmaceuticals Inc., Senior Director of Sales and Program Development for Centric Health Finance, LLC, Director of Oncology Marketing for Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Department Head of Reimbursement and Government Affairs for IDEC Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Mr. Erwin also had a private consultancy practice focused on reimbursement and access for novel healthcare technology and has helped many advanced diagnostic companies bring their products to doctors and patients.

Tune in to Discover:

  • What an in-house hub solution has done to enhance customer service and patient satisfaction
  • Challenges and solutions to operating in the specialty realm of rare and orphan diseases
  • How QOL’s primary drug, Sucraid, is helping patients with congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID) live better lives
  • Key advice for other manufacturers wanting to implement their own hub solutions
  • How to select the right consulting partner to create the right patient centric hub approach to an orphan drug’s specific population

Show Notes

About QOL Medical

QOL Medical is a patient-centric company founded in 2003 to focus on the acquisition and commercialization of orphan products in underserved markets. QOL Medical ensures an expanded clinical awareness and patient access for improved quality of life in the treatment of rare and orphan diseases.