Creating a Blueprint for Hiring the Best Talent in the Marketplace

More than 20 percent of job openings go unfilled because the organization moved too slowly to interview or to extend offers to qualified candidates. Most often, this is because they did not take the time to develop a hiring blueprint that describes the ideal person for the role. Hiring the best people in your marketplace should not be left to chance. As marketplace competition increases in the hunt for talent, there are a few guidelines and principles that can help an organization of any size be successful.

Below are a few ideas to keep in mind as you develop your hiring blueprints:

Paint the right picture with your job descriptions.

Many organizations don’t take the time to define key skills necessary for the role that fits just outside the line. The job description should serve not just as a listing of responsibilities, but as a blueprint for what you need.

Here are some questions a hiring manager needs to think though when creating a blueprint.

  • What will the person need to have to succeed in the job?
  • What are three things that are a must have? List them in the order of most value.
  • What are the functions of the position most critical to the organization?
  • What are the special management or technical skills needed functionally and operationally to do the job?
  • Where will the person come from?
  • Are there any competitors you would like to target? Which organizations to target? Any companies to avoid?
  • What are the backgrounds of the last people hired? Are there related industries that can be targeted?
  • How will you attract candidates?
  • How do you describe the job to the candidates? Are you prepared to walk them through their role in a “day in the life” of your organization?
  • What are the long-term opportunities associated with this position? Can you explain why someone would want this position?

Call in the experts to help.

Networking and aligning yourself with an executive recruiting firm that specializes in your industry may be the best decision you will ever make. A top-notch recruiter will ask the right questions to help you identify your company’s needs and expectations. A great recruiter should also help you identify attributes (personality, communication skills, corporate culture, etc.) the right candidate should possess, including “must-have attributes” and “preferred attributes.” The clearer your job description, the faster your job opening will be filled.

Sell the company and sell the boss.

As a hiring manager, your responsibility will always be to “sell” the quality, financial stability and advancement opportunities of your company to the candidate. Today, the “best candidates” are receiving multiple offers from the “best companies.” You are competing with these companies for limited resources. Also, the candidate wants to make sure they are leveraging all the information in their decision making process. You must share the “why” and “how” you came to the company. Also share what you see happening in the future of the company as this can be a determining factor whether the candidates choose to work for your organization. Today’s savvy candidates often choose to join an organization based on their best potential “boss” vs. the organization.

Adopt a sense of urgency.

Once you make the decision to fill a position, be committed to that decision and make your hiring decisions quickly. Always be ready to pull the trigger and hire those people when you find them.

Corporate America’s traditional interviewing, evaluating and hiring processes are causing companies to “let the good ones get away.” Approach the hiring process like any other important project; meet your goal of hiring the “best candidate” in the shortest amount of time. Indecisiveness, time delays, budget reviews, etc. can send the wrong message to the candidates and make your company look as if it lacks focus.

Organizations exceeding their talent acquisition goals typically use the following timeline:

  • 94 % of the respondents encourage telephone Interviews within five days of becoming aware of a qualified candidate
  • 86 % of respondents encourage face-to-face interviews within eight days.
  • 79 % of respondents encourage extending an offer within six days of the face-to-face interview

Remember, the greater the talent of the candidate, the shorter the time he/she will be available and the better “recruiting” you will have to do to gain his/her acceptance.

Compensation counts. Candidates don’t take a job strictly on compensation. If that is their true motivation you should not hire those people because they will soon be “shopping” for their next move. Once they decide that you would be a great boss and the culture and opportunity of the organization fits their career goals, money is the next topic. Don’t let $5000 stand between you and your perfect new hire. Make sure that your salary benchmarks are at, or a little above, industry average.

Good hires equal great results. Good people are an “investment” not an “expense.” If you want “the best” people working for your company, you have to be willing to pay them “the best.”

Tips for closing the deal:

  • Extend your best offer the first time.
  • Keep abreast of changing salary scales and price your jobs competitively.
  • Listen to your “recruiter of choice” regarding the market’s going rate.
  • Listen to the candidate’s concerns and produce an offer that alleviates these concerns.
  • Offer a realistic relocation package. Add 10-15% on top of the cost-of-living differences to ensure you do not lose top quality candidates over small details.

Companies who move quickly to hire will gain a huge competitive advantage by getting top talent and maintaining full staffing levels. With just a little planning, perseverance and due diligence, you will hire and attract the best talent in the marketplace.

About Suzette DiMascio and Career Solutions International . . .

Suzette was one of only 50 women nationwide selected to participate in an Executive Leadership Program at Dartmouth’s prestigious Tuck Business School due to her exceptional business accomplishments. She’s been honored by the Orlando Business Journal with the “Women Who Mean Business” award, Central Florida’s Top Executive Recruiting Services, & has earned the distinction of “Certified Personnel Consultant” from the National Association of Personnel Services, the preeminent society for Executive Recruiting Organizations.

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