Private Equity / Venture Capital

venture capital investmentAre you a business owner who is looking to sell your business, to finance expansion or capitalize so you can take some money out of our business? If so, you may want to consider selling or working with a private equity group (PEG) or venture capital group.

Private equity and venture capital groups (PEG) come in many different types, sizes and flavors. CSI Specialty Group has developed strategic relationships with some of the specialty pharmacy industry’s top private equity and venture capital firms in the world.

We will work with you to discover which firm would be ideal for you, matching needs as well as culture, and also explain how the various types of PEGs might benefit you and your business and what each PEG is looking for as they look to add more organizations to their portfolios.

Most of our clients we introduce to venture capital and PEG groups find they are :

  • Thinking about selling their business in the next five years
  • Seeking a financial/business partner to help them expand
  • Wishing to remain in their business but take some money out
  • Looking for financing to grow their business
  • Know they need additional leadership at the helm to scale their business to the net level
  • Want to be part of a national vs regional solution

Suzette DiMascio, our CEO and Founder, personally works with each and every business owner as we introduce you to our private equity and venture capital colleagues. We will help you navigate through the process, and can also introduce you to some of our legal and accounting partners, Frier/ Levitt and Cohn Resnick who can review and recommend the best way to maximize your financial future.

“We utilized Suzette and her team in the past to find C level talent for our fund of companies. Now, we use them to identify companies to acquire, assist in venture activity and consult too.  You can’t go wrong with  using these guys.  A cut above the rest, and trust me, I have used them all.”
-Founding Partner, Private Equity Firm
“Suzette is an extremely knowledgeable specialty pharmacy professional. She is a leader in the industry and operates with integrity and honesty. Suzette is a very positive person and it is a pleasure to do business with her and be around her. I appreciate Suzette’s forward thinking and leadership in moving specialty pharmacy forward.”
-Sr Director, National Group Purchasing Organization

We Know Your Industry, We Listen To Your Needs, And We Will Deliver And Exceed Your Expectations.

To learn more about CSI Specialty Group and how we are committed to helping you be successful, please contact us today.