Suzette DiMascio, CHE, CMCE, CPC, president and CEO of CSI Specialty Group, discusses improved communication among specialty drug manufacturers and health care providers with Specialty Pharmacy Times.

Manufacturers send their products to specialty pharmacies which in turn provide the patient care for these specialty drugs.

“Improving the relationship between specialty pharmacies and manufacturers is a key centric component of improving care for the patients,” says Suzette. “There has the be a symbiotic relationship where manufacturers are selecting specialty pharmacies based on their best ability to deliver care to whatever patient population they have.”

“I think the evolution of care with more orphan and breakthrough therapies will allow the manufacturers to pick a specialty pharmacy that has the right program and high-touch model they need,” says Suzette.

“Manufacturers and specialty pharmacies will evolve to where they are picking the right partner based on what their patient population needs.”