jill-csi-interviewsWe hear constantly PBM (pharmacy benefit manager) lockouts and getting access to payor networks continue to top the list of concerns of specialty pharmacies across the country.

Industry leaders and specialty pharmacy professionals have consistently identified dealing with PBMs as one of their primary challenges moving forward, and differing points of view abound as to how best to work with them in the market.

The end goal remains the same however: keep profits up, headaches down and provide superior patient care.  

So what can organizations do to work more effectively with PBMs? We consulted with industry leaders at the 2016 NASP Annual Meeting & Expo in Washington, D.C., to to get their views on the best way specialty pharmacies can manage the hurdles presented by PBMs.

Tune in to hear insights from GPOs, independent SPs, public SPs, and accreditation organizations including:

Jonathan Van Laren, Manager of Clinical Services, Pharmacy Advantage