Shaping Florida’s Next Economy for Prosperity

Tallahassee, FL. (March 24, 2011) – The Florida Chamber Foundation announced that Suzette DiMascio, Chief Talent Officer of Sanford based Career Solutions International has been selected to serve on their Six Pillars Caucus System. Suzette will join other leaders from across the state on the Talent Supply & Education Caucus, to help craft the first-ever, state-wide strategic plan.

The Six Pillars Caucus System is a qualitative research program aimed to engage the best and brightest minds in the state to develop a plan for Florida’s future economy that includes high-wage jobs, global competitiveness and vibrant communities by the year 2030. The program launched last year and current members have already begun to construct the foundation for the plan. In this second year, Caucus members’ deliberations will become more focused in order to finalize the first draft.

The Six Pillars is a product of years of collaboration and more than a million dollars in research by the Foundation that identifies the critical factor’s determining Florida’s future: 1) Talent Supply and Education, 2) Innovation and Economic Development, 3) Infrastructure and Growth Leadership, 4) Business Climate and Competitiveness, 5) Civic and Governance Systems, and 6) Quality of Life and Quality Places.

“I was invited to join the steering committee that formed the foundation for the Caucus in 2008, and have thoroughly enjoyed working with our state’s brightest leaders. I look forward to contributing even more, as we collaborate and further fine tune an amazing vision for Florida’s Economic Prosperity,” states DiMascio.

Suzette introduced many of the Caucus committee members to the very successful Magnet Programs in Seminole County- with tours of Seminole High School, Crooms High School and Sanford Middle School. Dr. Vogel graciously welcomed the committee, and hoped that they gained insight of what education could be like statewide with a little planning and dedication to excellence!

Caucus members were selected through a very competitive process. With the development of the strategic plan becoming more focused in 2011, Suzette and other volunteers were selected with specific proficiencies that compliment the collective expertise of the current members. To view a complete list of Six Pillars Caucus members, visit .

“The Foundation looks forward to working along-side these thought leaders to refine goals, strategies and tactics that will lead to the state’s first-ever strategic plan for prosperity,” said Dr. Dale A. Brill, President of the Florida Chamber Foundation.