Brian Maxon, Director of Sales and Training

Brian Maxon, Director of Sales and Training

[Update April 17, 2019] Join us this week as we revisit another of our most popular recent episodes. This episode features a live one-on-one training session in the field with Brian Maxon, director of sales and training at CSI Specialty Group. Listen in as Brian shares key strategies to drive the success of specialty pharmacy sales representatives.

In this podcast, Brian Maxon, director of sales and training at CSI Specialty Group, provides a live look at a day in the life of a specialty pharmacy sales representative. Join Brian as he provides hands-on training in the field with Daphne, a specialty pharmacy sales representative and recent graduate of CSI University’s Certified Sales Training Program.
Recently, after students completed their CSI University on-site training, Brian joined each of them for part of their day to reinforce training and answer questions from the former students as they put their training to the test.
During this 20-minute episode Brian and Daphne document real-time feedback from sales calls in the field, share how to overcome challenges in the field and the importance of successful training in regards to both short-term and long-term success.

We’ll also follow along as they discuss how to structure pre-call planning, post-call analysis, and prepare successful sales strategies moving forward.

Tune in to Discover:

  • Tips to increase sales, overcome obstacles and build a winning strategy
  • Vital takeaways from specialty pharmacy sales training
  • Real-world implementation of CSI University’s training before, during and after a sales call
  • Simple ways to structure your day to optimize time and capitalize on opportunities

About Brian Maxon

Brian Maxon is a highly accomplished Sales, Sales Training, and Territory Development Specialist with over 20 years of experience. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge to CSI Specialty Group backed by his years spent with Pharma companies Wyeth, Pfizer and Takeda, and in Nutraceuticals with Metagenics and Designs for Health in various Sales and Sales Management roles.  

Brian has strategically developed territory alignment solutions in his previous roles as well as more recently and successfully for CSI clients. His years of real-world field experience compliment his dedication to bringing the best solutions to the table. Brian is also an expert in field reconnaissance initiatives to vet and capitalize on undeveloped opportunities. His field recommendations have been integral in assessing opportunities and executing on critical business decisions for our clients.

About CSI Specialty Group

CSI Specialty Group is a globally recognized leadership consulting firm dedicated to providing solutions that continually elevate the specialty pharmacy industry and improve the patient journey. By providing inventive consulting, workforce planning and talent acquisition solutions, we uniquely tailor our service offerings to help clients drive sustainable, accelerated growth.

As the producer of the industry’s first dedicated podcast for specialty pharmacy and the publisher of the Annual State of Specialty Pharmacy Report, CSI is at the forefront of pioneering innovative concepts to meet the changing needs of specialty pharmacy, home infusion, mail order/PBM, health systems and pharma/biotech clients across the USA and throughout Europe.

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About CSI University

CSI University is the industry’s leading online training platform specific to specialty pharmacy sales professionals.

After years of conducting successful on-site training, CSI University’s online sales training course offers groundbreaking, cutting-edge and on-demand training to new and existing sales representatives of specialty pharmacies. The program is built from the ground-up to ensure individuals and entire sales teams are ready and able to take their game to the next level and optimize sales to expand their company’s foundation in the ever-changing marketplace.

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