WSPRX Tampa, FL, August 22, 2013 — The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy™ (NASP™) announced today that it will partner with Suzette DiMascio, CEO of CSI Specialty Group, to launch the industry’s first Specialty Pharmacy group for women.

The Women in Specialty Pharmacy Group, (WSPRX) is dedicated to the growth and career enhancement of women. As a partner of NASP, WSPRX members will have the opportunity to actively participate and contribute in the association’s committees and development of state chapters.

“WSPRX will be a catalyst for women with similar aspirations to come together and form a collegial network that will guide, inspire and endorse their growth in the industry we all so love,”  says Suzette DiMascio. “Our vision is to create unique networking opportunities that can maximize leadership development while empowering women to great career success.”

“I’m delighted to partner with Women in Specialty Pharmacy, and encourage all women in specialty pharmacy to take advantage of this terrific opportunity,” said Gary M. Cohen, BSPharm, RPh, CEO, NASP.

Ms. DiMascio is a frequent contributor, thought leader & educator on Talent Acquisition & Specialty Pharmacy marketplace trends. Under her leadership, The CSI Specialty Group has become known as Industry’s Most Influential Leader in Specialty Pharmacy Leadership and Talent Consulting.

Membership criteria can be found on NASP’s website at :

An Inaugural luncheon will be held on Wednesday, Oct 16th in San Antonio, during  NASP’s event and prior to the start of AMCP’s Nexus Conference.  The luncheon will becomplimentary for all women attending the NASP Conference. For more information, or to request information on joining, please call 866-484-4752

About NASP: The National Association of Specialty Pharmacy, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2012, represents specialty pharmacy professionals in all practice settings and highlights the unique value its members bring to patients and the healthcare system. NASP is collaborating with other professional pharmacy associations, certification boards, accreditation organizations, special interest groups, specialty pharmacy organizations, academics, and researchers to create a unified voice for specialty pharmacy.

About CSI Specialty Group:  ( Formerly Career Solutions International) The CSI Specialty Group is a Globally Recognized Thought Leader and Business Growth Accelerator for Specialty Pharmacy, Manufacturers, Mail Order/PBM, Health Plans, VC & Private Equity, offering Consulting, Work Force Planning & Talent Acquisition services to clients worldwide.